CEBS Designation

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (CEBS) is a professional designation that offers certification choices in two distinct areas of specialization: Group Benefits (GBA) and Retirement Plans (RPA)

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Earn your CEBS designation by successfully completing five required course exams. We recommend starting with GBA 1 or RPA 1 and work toward earning your Group Benefits Associate (GBA) or Retirement Plans Associate (RPA) on your path to the full CEBS.

  • GBA 1 - Managing Benefit Plans Part 1
  • GBA 2 - Managing Benefit Plans Part 2
  • GBA/RPA 3 - Navigating the Plan Environment
  • RPA 1 - Managing Retirement Plans Part 1
  • RPA 2 - Managing Retirement Plans Part 2‚Äč
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